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T D Pengelly Hard Landscapes Supply and Install Eye-catching Water Features Across Cornwall

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Water features to match your style

T D Pengelly Hard Landscapes can install stunning water features which can be the focal point of your garden. The main choices tend to be something natural, artistic looking, or something altogether more contemporary, depending on your taste and style.

Water features create a unique look in your garden with lovely sounds and aquatic plants. They create a feeling of peace and a sense of space and reflection. We can help bring your garden to life with the use of water features.

Water features add movement and character to gardens.

Water features are available in many unique styles such as, fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams to name a few. A water feature with running or babbling water can create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, while small ponds encourage nature from dragonflies to frogs.

T D Pengelly, Decorative Construction Services

We offer a wide range of decorative construction services including water features at highly competitive prices. We have everything to make your garden look appealing and elegant. Come to us, and you can choose from our wide selection of designs and materials to transform the look of your outdoor areas.

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